Pros and Cons to Wall Mounted Kitchen Faucets

Planning to set up a wall-mounted faucet for your kitchen sink? Wall-mount faucets have been gaining the utmost popularity in the current era. Moreover, they have become the present trend across several regions. A wall-mount faucet augments your kitchen’s look giving it a modish semblance. Redesigning kitchen space is one of the biggest tasks compared to other rooms. Every detail in the kitchen should be so perfect that no individual points out. Despite gaining popularity, wall-mount faucets pack a few downsides that every individual must know before preferring it. Wondering about the big drawbacks of wall-mounted faucets? For every product or a thing, both the benefits and disadvantages are quite common. To help our readers, we listed out some of the major limitations of wall-mounted faucets. Have a glance!

Wall-Mounted Faucet

A Wall-Mounted Faucet is fixed to the wall behind the kitchen sink. It eventually extends over the sink for making the cleaning easier. One can find a wide range of wall-mounted faucets in a plethora of sizes, finishes, and designs. A Wall-mounted faucet is quite different from a deck-mounted faucet as it is set up on the kitchen sink countertop. Most people prefer setting up a wall-mounted faucet for valid reasons. Majorly, it renders a sophisticated look to your kitchen. Besides the look, it is highly convenient for cleaning utensils or others when it is a wall-mounted faucet. With this type of faucet, one can maintain their kitchen sink clean and neat. Before you dive quickly to purchase and install a wall-mounted faucet, you need to consider the potential drawbacks. This post gives you a complete understanding of the pros and cons to wall-mount faucets

Significant Drawbacks of Wall-Mounted Faucets

If you are seeking to install a wall-mounted kitchen sink faucet, just go through the Big Drawbacks of Wall-Mounted Faucets. We have furnished the major downsides of installing wall-mount faucets for a kitchen sink. Take a quick glimpse!

1. Needs Plumbing Work

Wall-mounted faucet installation is not as simple as a deck-mounted faucet. It needs additional plumbing work as the faucet runs into the walls behind your kitchen sink. Common people can’t install a wall-mounted faucet easily. A professional plumber is required for getting the installation done neatly without any glitches. Only an experienced plumber can do the installation by cutting the wall. Due to this additional work, most people won’t feel comfortable whilst installing a wall-mounted faucet.

2. Positioning

It’s highly difficult to mark the accurate height and depth at which the wall-mounted faucet needs to be placed. Hence, positioning is one of the big drawbacks of wall-mounted faucets. Only an expert can place the faucet at the right angle. Every possibility must be considered before setting up a wall-mount faucet. It should be installed in such a place that it covers the entire sink without splashing water outside. The alignment, height, and depth must be considered at the time of installing a wall-mounted faucet.

3. Complicated Installation

It’s highly intricate to get through the entire installation of a wall-mounted faucet. Compared to its counterparts, the installation of this type of a faucet is knotty. Unlike the deck-mounted faucet, a wall-mounted faucet requires early installation i.e., during the construction period. Moreover, wall-mounted faucets can’t be installed easily into the pre-drilled holes. They need additional plumbing work, exclusive sink dimensions, and a tile for the back wall. Besides this, the wall should be dry without using it for some time. Hence, all this can be done only before house construction or whilst renovation. 

4. Faucet Model Selection

A Wall-mounted faucet needs to be purchased before the construction of your house. If you either build a new house or renovate your kitchen, you must select the model of the wall-mounted faucet. Only then, it will be possible to construct the kitchen sink accordingly. After the completion of renovation or construction, the model you select may not be installed accurately. It’s all because of the wall-mounted type of faucet. The distance between the sink and faucet, height, and other factors must be considered before purchase. Whether you go with a single-handled or double-handled must be selected in the beginning. It is one of the major downsides of choosing a wall-mount faucet.

5. Repairings

If there are any water leaks from a wall-mount faucet, it leads to greater difficulty in repairing it. The reason is that it requires the removal of a specific part of the wall which is an arduous task. The leakage of water within the wall could lead to the complete damage of the wall. A professional plumber who can handle such issues can resolve this problem. Moreover, a wall-mounted faucet needs additional maintenance costs compared to other model faucets. The owner of a house may not be able to repair if there is any problem with the wall-mounted faucet. A plumber with adequate knowledge can only resolve the issue.

6. Design Flaws

Most people love setting up a wall-mount faucet in their kitchen as they feature a slender design. Sometimes, such sleek designs may cause issues. The wall-mount faucets that are huge require wider sinks to evade water splashing problems. The water pressure from these wall-mounted faucets will be more. Hence, they need bigger kitchen sinks that are designed in customized shapes. Despite having several pros and cons to wall-mount faucets, most people prefer it because of its elegant look. The price for a customized sink also increases if you prefer a wall-mounted faucet.

Final Words

That’s all! This is everything you need to know about The Drawbacks of Wall-Mounted Faucets. Considering all the aforementioned drawbacks, we suggest our readers go with a deck-mounted or sink-mounted faucet. Still, if you think design and comfort as your primary requirements, just go with a wall-mounted faucet. You can still prefer it if you are ready to spend additional bucks for maintenance and customizing options. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments space. For more kitchen faucet related products, stay tuned to this website.