How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet?

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? If so, the selection of a kitchen faucet seems to be tricky. In every house, the kitchen has a unique significance. Precisely, the kitchen makes a home complete. To make such a place highly appealing and attractive, choose the right accessories that grab the attention of guests. One must pick the kitchen faucet by considering the basic requirements and kitchen functionality. Understanding the requisites like the faucet type, features, handle type, design, and finishing is extremely crucial. During kitchen renovation or while constructing a new house, people come across these things. One of the major questions that prick the mind is How to Choose Kitchen Faucet? If you are one among them then, you are in the right place. This guide helps you in the best way in choosing the right kitchen sink faucet for your sweet home. Have a glimpse!

Choose an Ideal Kitchen Faucet

Before jumping into the detailed guide, get to know your key requirements of a kitchen faucet. The major function of a kitchen faucet is dispensing water for cleaning utensils, hands, vegetables, and other stuff. Another vital requirement is to enhance the appearance of your kitchen. There are a plethora of kitchen faucet designs in various mounting styles are available in the market. Whether you choose an old design or the new one, it should add glamor to your kitchen. Keeping all the basic details at hand, you can decide on how to choose the right kitchen faucet. We furnished the list of few factors that an individual must consider before choosing a kitchen sink faucet. Just check it out!

1. Faucet Type – Mounting Style

At first, you need to choose the mounting style of your kitchen faucet. The mounting style of the kitchen faucet is one of the major elements that an individual must consider. There are different types of kitchen faucets available in the market. The major types of faucets include deck-mount, wall-mount, and sink-mounted faucets. Each mounting style has its significance. Get to know about each mounting style  of the kitchen faucet below:

Deck-Mount Faucet

Deck-mount faucets are fixed to the countertop directly. For the under-mount sink installation, there is a feasibility to mount the faucet directly on the countertop. During a deck-mount faucet installation, ensure to leave some gap behind the faucet for cleaning purposes. For a modern kitchen, deck-mount faucets are perfect that enhances the look. One of the major drawbacks of this type is that it requires more space on the sink countertop.

Sink-Mount Faucet

Plenty of sink designs are available for setting up a kitchen faucet. However, all the available designs in the market may not be suitable for your kitchen. If it’s the kitchen renovation, you need to find the available pre-drilled faucet mounting holes. If you are newly constructing the house, you can choose the number of holes based on the kitchen faucet type. Different types of sink-mount faucets come with one, two, or four-hole models. If you are planning to revive your existing kitchen sink, choosing a sink-mount faucet is a perfect choice. But, people may not have abundant kitchen faucet options in case of this mounting style.

Wall-Mount Faucet

A wall-mount faucet comes attached to the wall and hangs above the kitchen sink. However, one must ensure that the wall-mount faucet is placed at an accurate position to the sink. This type of mounting style faucet must be installed in such a way that the water doesn’t sprinkle around the kitchen whilst cleaning. When picking this type of mounting style, one must be highly careful especially during cold climatic conditions. As the kitchen faucet is attached to the wall, there must be enough spacing between the wall and the faucet. If you have a single sink in your kitchen then, the wall-mount faucet style is a perfect choice.

2. Faucet Handle Type

As there are copious faucet models, several handle options are available in the market. One can either prefer a single-handled or double-handled faucets for their kitchen. Get to know more information about the available handle options for your kitchen faucet. 


A single-handled faucet helps in the easy flow of water in an up-and-down direction. In this type of faucet, the temperature of water comes with a side-to-side direction. This type of single-handled kitchen faucets requires a single hole when placed on the countertop. But, it is not feasible to make temperature adjustments in case of single-handled faucets.


For installing a double-handled faucet, at least 3 holes are required. Compared to the single-handled faucets, a double-handled faucet comes with innumerable customizable options. The dual-handled faucets provide two options for dispensing hot and cold water. It comes with innovative customizable options for making temperature adjustments. Moreover, for this type of faucets, it’s quite easy to alter the handles whilst plumbing. 


Another significant option is a hands-free faucet that comes with a unique sensor. A handle that comes on the side of the faucet helps you in making temperature adjustments alongside the water flow rate. In this type of faucets, you don’t need to use hands for operating the faucet. The sensor available on this faucet tracks the light and opens the valve automatically. It’s a perfect choice for kids and people with arthritis for hands. 

3. Kitchen Sink Faucet Holes

Another important factor at the time of choosing a kitchen faucet is the number of holes. Before installing a kitchen sink faucet, make sure to find the available pre-drilled faucet holes for your sink. To determine how many holes are required, consider whether it’s an existing kitchen sink or a new sink. Usually, kitchen faucets come with 1 to 4 mounting holes. A total of 3 holes are essential for installing the faucet and 2 handles. The 4th hole can be either used for placing an accessory like a soapbox. At the time of choosing a new kitchen faucet, you can find the required mounting holes printed on the package. Another vital element whilst installing a kitchen faucet is finding an accurate location for making holes. 

4. Kitchen Faucet Compatible with Water Supply

If you are looking for a guide on how to choose the right kitchen faucet, this is the right post. One must make sure that their new kitchen faucet is compatible with the water supply. Check the size of your water supply line alongside the valves. Know to the accurate size of the waterline so that you can choose the precise kitchen faucet. If you are planning to install a new kitchen sink faucet, it’s better to replace the shut-off valves. In case, there are any water leakages, or repairs, the existing valves may not work properly. Hence, it is the better option to install a new kitchen faucet with new shut-off valves. 

5. Material

The kitchen faucet material is another important element that must be considered before choosing the right faucet. Some of the basic materials used in making the kitchen faucets include stainless steel, nickel, bronze, brass, and more. The standard colors of kitchen faucets made of different materials include white, black, polished brass, chrome, blackened bronze, etc. Not all the manufacturers prepare similar kitchen faucets with the same material. If you are looking for a contemporary kitchen, you can prefer purchasing a kitchen faucet compatible with various accessories.

6. Sprayer Type

At the time of choosing the kitchen faucet, it is equally important to select the right sprayer. Three different spray options include pulldown, pullout, and side spray faucets. If you are looking for a greater reach, just go with the pulldown faucets. However, the pullout kitchen faucets are quite simple to handle. Such faucets come with a side spray faucet. If the kitchen sink is larger enough, the pulldown faucet sprayer reaches all over the sink. The pullout faucet spray is truly simple to access that eventually saves a lot of space.

7. Style & Finish

An extensive range of kitchen faucets is available in a wide variety of finishes and styles. Different kitchen faucet styles range from traditional ones to modern designs. Speaking about the style of your kitchen faucet, it should match your kitchen style. Whether you have a modern, traditional, rustic, or transitional kitchen, the faucet must perfectly match your kitchen beauty. If you are seeking to make the faucet enhance your kitchen style, just choose a stylish faucet.

With innovative kitchen faucet finishes, it renders a wide range of customizing options. The most popular faucet finishes include nickel, stainless steel, chrome, bronze, and more. All these faucet finishes are available at different price ranges giving a wide range of options to the buyers. The chrome finish is a durable faucet that’s perfect for your kitchen sink. It’s quite easy to clean the kitchen faucet made of chrome finish. There are endless options when it comes to choosing your kitchen faucet style. Try to spend some time in picking the right style that befits your modern kitchen.

8. Crucial Faucet Features

Apart from the style and design, modern kitchen faucets offer a wide range of beneficial features. 

Built-in Filters: Some of the kitchen faucets come with integrated filters capable of filtering tap water. 

Soap Dispensers: A few of the faucets come with soap dispensers making it easy for the users. It evades the utilization of unnecessary space on the kitchen countertop. 

Temperature Adjustments: Another significant feature available for some of the faucets include temperature control. One can easily choose dispensing water at either hot or cold temperatures. This way, one can prepare their beloved hot and cold beverages at great ease.

9. Quality

Do many queries rise on how to choose a kitchen sink faucet? One of the major factors that one must consider before selecting a kitchen faucet is its quality. How to know whether the kitchen faucet is of great quality or not? The fundamental way of understanding the quality of a kitchen faucet is through the weight. Just hold the faucet and determine the weight of it. If it’s heavier then, it is the best quality faucet. The faucets made of solid brass material are highly durable. They don’t even require additional care when used for dispensing hard water. It’s known that hard water can easily destroy some of the metals. Hence, choosing the right quality faucet material is truly important.

10. Height and Reach

The height of the faucet that comes with a high arc is the latest trend. However, you need to ensure that there is adequate space above the kitchen sink. If there are shelves or cabinets above the sink, it may not be possible to choose a faucet with a high arc. The bigger kitchen sink requires a kitchen faucet that can reach greater distances i.e., every corner of the sink. In that case, the kitchen sink must be wide enough and deeper as well. 

11. Price

The price of a good quality kitchen faucet like a brass material will be expensive compared to other materials. The least expensive kitchen faucets are usually made of plastic materials. However, such plastic faucets won’t last long. If you are spending extra bucks for the kitchen renovation, just spend a worthy amount for the best kitchen faucet. It’s truly annoying to replace the kitchen faucet whenever it gets damaged. Hence, quality is a major concern while choosing the best kitchen sink faucet. Just doesn’t compromise the quality as you have to spend a little more on choosing the right kitchen faucet. 

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, we included every vital point that must be considered on how to choose kitchen faucet. We hope this guide has given adequate information about the type and quality of kitchen faucet you have been looking for. Consider all these factors and then prefer choosing a perfect kitchen sink faucet in your modern kitchen. Don’t hesitate to ask your queries in the comments section below. For more information about kitchen faucets and kitchen accessories, stay tuned to this website.